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LA Rams DE Robert Quinn Released From Hospital, Details Remain Scarce

NFL Network’s Steve Wyche is reporting that Quinn is out of the hospital.

LA Rams DE Robert Quinn
LA Rams DE Robert Quinn
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

After rumors swirled for hours on social media, the Los Angeles Rams confirmed yesterday that DE Robert Quinn had indeed been admitted to a Los Angeles-area hospital. Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher followed up during his regular Monday press conference suggesting that the chances whatever Quinn had suffered from was linked to a benign brain tumor doctors first found when Quinn was in high school were “highly unlikely.”

Today, NFL Network’s Steve Wyche has confirmed that Quinn has been discharged from the hospital, adding:

Quinn is now at the Rams' practice facility. There is no word on when Quinn will return to the field.

To this point, there remain no details as to what Quinn had suffered from, though various social media reports suggested it could have been seizures.

While Quinn re-joined the team at the practice facility today as part of their first preparatory practice for Week 11’s matchup with the Miami Dolphins which promises to be one of national significance following the announcement that rookie QB Jared Goff will make his NFL debut on Sunday.

While there’s no word on a timeline for Quinn’s return to regular football activities, I hope Rams fans will join me in just being grateful that Quinn is doing ok by all accounts.