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2017 NFL Draft Order: LA Rams Currently In Top 10

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With the draft order shaping up for next April, the Rams currently stand to send the Tennessee Titans the #10 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

NFL Draft
NFL Draft
Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

With Week 10 of the 2016 NFL Regular Season behind us, we’re now well on the way to seeing the full draft order of the 2017 NFL Draft develop.

While the Los Angeles Rams are already minus their first-round draft pick due to the trade with the Tennessee Titans for the #1 overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft used to select Cal QB Jared Goff, the order sets up their board beyond Day 1.

Here’s the current top half of the draft order:

  1. Cleveland Browns (0-10)
  2. San Francisco 49ers (1-8)
  3. Chicago Bears (2-7)
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7)
  5. New York Jets (3-7)
  6. Carolina Panthers (3-6)
  7. San Diego Chargers (4-6)
  8. Cincinnati Bengals (4-5-1)
  9. Buffalo Bills (4-5)
  10. Los Angeles Rams (4-5)
  11. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-5)
  12. Indianapolis Colts (4-5)
  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5)
  14. New Orleans Saints (4-5)
  15. Green Bay Packers (4-5)
  16. Arizona Cardinals (4-4-1)

The upcoming Week 11 is the final week featuring teams on the bye, so the New York Jets’ and San Diego Chargers’ absence will affect this order in the immediacy. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting landscape with the winless Cleveland Browns and one-win San Francisco 49ers leading the charge for the #1 overall pick.

All of that being said, the Rams’ 2017 NFL Draft order hinges entirely on whether or not they receive a third-round compensatory pick having lost CB Janoris Jenkins to free agency. If they do receive a third-round comp, here’s their draft order with some rough estimates on overall pick order:

Round (Rd., Ovr.) Pick
2 (9th, 45th) Rams pick
3 (15th, 79th) Rams pick
4 (14th, 113th) Rams pick
5 (13th, 152nd) Rams pick
6 (12th, 187th) Rams pick
7 (11th, 231st) Rams pick

Don’t get too wrapped up in the overall order. We’ve got plenty of strength of schedule re-factoring and the wave of compensatory picks to determine things. Just consider the overall picture.

The gap at the top is big, but the real concern is that the Rams would have just one of the first 78 overall picks in the draft. That’s going to make it very hard to provide an immediate talent boost from this year to next.

Now should the Rams get a compensatory pick for Jenkins in the fourth round or later, that changes the order significantly:

Round (Rd., Ovr.) Pick
2 (9th, 45th) Rams pick
4 (14th, 113th) Rams pick
5 (13th, 152nd) Rams pick
6 (12th, 187th) Rams pick
7 (11th, 231st) Rams pick
7 (17th, 237th) Rams pick

In this scenario, the Rams have to send their third-round pick to the Titans in return for their seventh-rounder. So yeah, we’re gonna need to root for a third-rounder for Janoris.

I also didn’t include the potential for two other compensatory picks for departed free agents S Rodney McLeod and DT Nick Fairley. McLeod’s likely to give us a fourth-rounder, Fairley potentially a sixth.

So in an optimal scenario as of today, the Rams would have a draft class of eight picks with two selections on Day 2. The loss of the first-round pick is unavoidably chafing, but that would still allow us to put together a pretty substantial haul.

As we head into the end of November, no doubt the playoff push will be the dominant factor as we browse the overall standings in the NFL. Just bear in mind for those who end up being squeezed out of the postseason window, the draft order is in flux as well.