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Week 10 Game Balls: Special Teams Rules the Day

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images

That was Fisherball at it's finest. OUTSTANDING play from the defense and special teams with just enough from the offense to squeak by with a win. There's no way in hell that's sustainable, but that's for another day. Let's take a look at who deserves recognition for their performances yesterday.

P Johnny Hekker

He had 7 punts and averaged 51.7 yards per kick. Oh, and there was this too....

I mean DAMN. The Jets punt returner had to backtrack 30 yards just to catch this bomb. Hekker been chowing on those Wheaties lately.....

K Greg Zuerlein

When you're the only player to score on your team, you're bound to show up here. Legatron followed up his only shaky performance in 2016 with another perfect outing. By his standards, they were all chip shots so it comes as no surprise that he went 3-3.

MLB Alec Ogletree

'Tree has gotten a lot of grief from Rams fans this season. He's undersized for a 'Mike' backer, but has played admirably in most cases. Having Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers frees up 'Tree to make all kinds of plays, and he didn't let us down yesterday. 10 Tackles, two passes defensed, and the crucial game-clinching INT.

WR Kenny Britt

Britt was the Rams offense yesterday. He lit up Darrelle Revis for 7 catches and 109 yards in a dominant performance. When you account for 66% of the team's passing yardage and nearly 40% of total offensive yardage, that's worth noting.

Also worth noting: Britt is on pace for 78 catches, 1232 yards, and 5 TDs. Someone is gonna pay this man in 2017 - and I'm not certain that it will be the Rams.