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Week 10 Rams Recap Reaction: Keep Fighting

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The Rams and Jeff Fisher fight their way back to 4-5.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets
Jeff Fisher, thanking Todd Bowles for starting Petty.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In Week 10, the Los Angeles Rams had to traverse the country from sunny Southern California to cold New York (technically New Jersey).

With the New York Jets rolling out Bryce Petty for his first career start, the Rams licked their chops, excited to prey on the young quarterback. While the defense did their part to limit the Jets to six meager points and 296 yards, the Rams’ offense provided no favors only gaining 280 yards and nine points. Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher truly wanted the defense to play better and he got that, albeit against a struggling team starting a new quarterback.

While the Rams did gain 125 yards on the ground, they still could not get RB Todd Gurley going. Backup RB Benny Cunningham managed 40 yards on 6 carries while Gurley managed a meager 64 yards on 21 carries. WR Kenny Britt continued his “Pro Bowl” worthy campaign with 109 of QB Case Keenum’s 165 passing yards. May you be reminded, Jeff Fisher is the first to tell you that “Case did a good job”.

This game was a must-win after dropping four straight. However, in some odd way, this victory may also delay the opportunity to give rookie QB Jared Goff true game-time experience. While the Seattle Seahawks now have six wins atop the NFC West, Fisher may truly believe that Keenum still give them the best chance to get to the playoffs. If that is the case, the Rams are unlikely to see their prized investment showcase his talents any time soon.

On the Fisher front, the seat still has to be hot. While Fisher is back to his comfortable spot of one game below .500, it’s truly amazing how incompetent his team is offensively. The Rams were well below their season’s PPG, YPG, and every other meaningful offensive stat, only to squeak a win out due to the Jets trotting out a new QB with no experience. Every Sunday, the NBC television crew broadcasts the coaches giving speeches to locker rooms after a victory. With all of the other coaches seemingly speaking well with the players, awkward and SOSAJF told his team “it takes a hell of an effort to fly across the country and sit on a bus for two hours and win a game”. Uhm, Jeff Fisher, that’s exactly what the Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills did when they beat you at home this year. Stop feeding the excuses you want to use in case you lose as motivational speeches to your players after they squeak out a victory against a horrible opponent.

"Well, we aren't scoring points. We had opportunities. It's that simple. I can't hand it to you any other way. We've got to get the ball in the end zone."

Well, we’ve heard this for too damn long. We’ve seen the opportunities you’ve had to draft quality offensive linemen instead of numerous running backs who are no longer on the team. We’ve seen you pass up on developmental quarterbacks. We’ve seen you mortgage the future for a quarterback, only to not let him play. We’ve seen you never get to 8-8 or the playoffs in four, going on five, years.

We’ve seen enough. Fire Jeff Fisher.