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LA Rams 3, New York Jets 6: 2nd Half Live Thread

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This is a football game.

Los Angeles Rams QB Case Keenum
Los Angeles Rams QB Case Keenum
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

In the 2015 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams drafted Todd Gurley with the 10th overall pick.

With tons of other needs on the roster, especially on offense, and an oncoming set of forced attrition on defense, the Rams drafted their fifth running back in just four years.

After a record-breaking first four games in the NFL, his career to date has been entirely pedestrian. In his last 16 games going back to Week 9 last year, Gurley is averaging just 61.375 yards per game.

Today, against the New York Jets, Gurley has 10 yards on 10 carries. On one series having pushed the ball to the 1-yard line on the seeming precipice of a touchdown, the Rams ran three plays, none a Todd Gurley run.

The Rams have wasted Todd Gurley.

They have wasted their 3-1 start to the 2016 season.

They have wasted their effort. Their time. Our time.

The 2016 LA Rams are a waste.

They are behind by 3 points and could win this game.

Welcome to the wasteland.