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Schefter: QB Jared Goff Could Start Week 11 If Keenum's Struggles Continue

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Schefty coming through with the news we all crave.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

As I was perusing the interwebs this AM with my coffee, I found this and nearly sprayed my coffee all over my monitor. It seems that Jeff Fisher isn't as happy with Case Keenum's play as he's been indicating.

If Case Keenum struggles Sunday against the New York Jets, the Rams will consider going to the No. 1 pick in this year's draft as early as next week, when they return to Los Angeles to host the Dolphins. The Rams would like to trot out Goff for his first NFL start at home, in front of a friendly and receptive crowd. But before Los Angeles makes that decision, it wants to see how Keenum plays Sunday.

Given Fisher's staunch support of the Keenum dating back to training camp, this comes as somewhat shocking news. Especially when you consider Rapoport reported last week that Jared Goff would continue to be the backup until the Rams are eliminated from playoff contention.

Then again, if Keenum struggles today there is a good chance the Rams also lose the game - which would put them at 3-6 and a far cry from wild card contention. Not necessarily eliminated, but they'd certainly be left with long odds to play past Week 17 this year.