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LA Rams At New York Jets: Live Open Thread

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And here is your 2016 Los Angeles Rams season.

Aishath Adam/Getty Images

From 3-1 to 3-5, the 2016 Los Angeles Rams are on the precipice.

The precipice between failure and some weird, melted version of acceptability.

For years, this franchise has wafted between those traits. Between outright failure and outright...weird meltedness. Between Jeff Fisher's trademarked 7-9™ and some uglier version of that.

Today helps get us closer to which one of those outcomes the 2016 Los Angeles Rams will present us. Between 7-9™ and something worse. Perhaps something much worse. Something Jeff Fisher has avoided providing Rams fans since his being hired in 2012. Something he has had five years of personnel and tactical oversight to avoid.

Today, the Rams face a 3-6 New York Jets team that is hardly unbeatable. Hardly beyond the talents of this franchise that has been built up for years to exceed the physical and defensively-focused demands a matchup like this approaches.

Today, the Los Angeles Rams finally make good on the promise of Fisherball. Unless they don't. Unless they never well. Unless they will always, forever be on that precipice. That precipice between Case Keenum and Jared Goff. That precipice between Austin Davis and Shaun Hill. That precipice between Sam Bradford and the greener grass beyond.

Today is Sunday. Another Sunday. Yet another Sunday under Jeff Fisher.

Today is the horizon.

Today is the precipice.