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What Will It Take To Fix the Rams Offense?

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Hint: Get rid of Jeff Fisher

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Fisherball is no secret to Los Angeles Rams fans. It's a well known philosophy that has failed to net the Rams more than 7 wins during Fisher's tenure with the Rams.

The thing is, Fisher is getting out Fisher-ed by other teams employing the same strategies. I won't go as far to say it's a sound strategy in today's NFL, but I think it's possible to win with a focus on a dominant ground game, suffocating defense, and an adequate passing game. Unfortunately for the Rams, Fisher has not been able to coax any of that our of this team.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Fisher is refusing to admit (at least publicly) that his offense is the problem. Quotes like "We believe in what we’re doing" epitomizes Fisher's stubbornness.

So who's to blame?

Don't go blaming Rob Boras. The only thing he's doing is showing why he originally lost the Offensive coordinator job to Frank Cignetti in 2015. Let's not forget that we all thought firing Brian Schottenheimer would fix this offense.

Don't blame Todd Gurley. Sure, he isn't the same in year 2. But even generational talents have their limits.

Jared Goff won't save this offense. At best he's a long term solution - under a different head coach.

This is Jeff Fisher's offense - the worst offense in the NFL. With Case Keenum at QB - who has the worst QBR in the NFL. While #1 overall pick Jared Goff - and the rest of the Rams 2016 draft class - rides the pine. And Fisher's blaming the (supposedly elite) defense.

Unfortunately for Rams fans, nothing is going to change until Fisher's gone - which largely comes down to whether the owner prioritizes winning.