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Will Stan Kroenke Actually Fire Jeff Fisher?

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This has NOT been a good look for the Rams.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

With the second half of the 2016 NFL season underway, ESPN took a look at the players and coaches who have the most riding on the next 2 months. Unsurprisingly, Jeff Fisher's status as head coach of the Rams was on the list.

Here's what they had to say:

Does he have a contract extension? Fisher's long-term status with the Los Angeles organization remains unclear, but the on-field product is about where it has been in years past. Fisher's Rams are 3-5, and FPI projects them to finish with 5.7 wins by the end of the year, which would make Fisher's avowed goal to avoid 7-9 a success and a failure at the same time. The team's simultaneous confidence in trading multiple first-round picks for Jared Goff and reticence to move him into the starting lineup when Case Keenum is standing in his way speaks to either an inability to develop or a fatal scouting flaw.

Los Angeles would need to find five wins on the back end of its schedule to even make it to .500, and it's a slate that includes the Patriots, Seahawks, Falcons and Cardinals. If Fisher can't find that run and finishes under .500 for the fifth consecutive season, his time with the Rams must surely come to an end.

None of this is surprising for the Rams faithful, but remember that just over a month ago there was rampant speculation that Fisher was going to get an extension. The rapid turnaround shows fans impatience - but that impatience may not be mirrored by Stan Kroenke.

Kroenke has gone on record as saying "If you want to win championships then you would never get involved." That does not make me feel good as a fan. And it makes me seriously question whether the Rams will consider moving on from Jeff Fisher in 2017.

There have been no indications thus far to lead us to believe that Kroenke is unhappy with Fisher. Don't get me wrong... I WANT him fired and HOPE he is fired, I'm just skeptical at this point.

The real story here is the fans in Los Angeles. I'm not an L.A. guy, but I feel bad for Rams fans there. They gave their team a helluva homecoming, but were sold a false vision and interest already seems to be waning in these shenanigans.

For the sake of Rams fans everywhere, I sincerely hope that Fisher is gone in 2017.