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2016 NFL Power Rankings, Week 9

With the bye week, the Rams weren’t poised to see much movement in the major national power rankings. Now in the bottom quarter of most rankings, did the Rams slip on reputation alone this week?

NFL: International Series-New York Giants at Los Angeles Rams Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Resting up on a bye week, the Los Angeles Rams got to watch the NFL landscape in Week 8 without any participatory efforts. Will the national major power rankings drop them based on reputation alone?

Average ranking (# of rankings) 25.00 (7)
Average change from last week -0.29
Highest ranking (source) 20th (
Lowest ranking (source) 20th (FOX Sports)
Biggest positive change (source) +3 (ESPN)
Biggest negative change (source) -3 (FOX Sports)
2016 Los Angeles Rams Power Rankings - Week 9
2016 Los Angeles Rams Power Rankings - Week 9

SB Nation: 26th (25th last week)

ESPN: 24th (27th)

Since Week 1, the Rams have crept up the rankings, thanks to a 3-1 start, but a three-game skid has halted that rise. Regardless of who starts at quarterback going forward, Todd Gurley's 3.0 yards per rush (second-worst in the NFL) needs to improve if Los Angeles aims to make it through the meat of the schedule. 20th (20th)

The three-game losing streak has the all-too-predictable howling for Jared Goff at a fever pitch. Not in Los Angeles, mind you, but nationally speaking. Analysts for different networks, including my own, are wondering when the No. 1 overall pick will get his chance. I've heard all sorts of grumbling. Some question whether Goff was Jeff Fisher's pick; some question if Goff should've gone anywhere near this high in the first place; some question his work habits. Here's what I do know: Applying yourself and balling out, in any profession, will ultimately elevate over all this stuff. As my colleague Jamie Dukes often says, "Game recognizes game." Great players know when they see another one. So do coaches. If Goff is the real deal and performs like it in practice, he'll play soon enough. Hey, maybe he's just not as good as Case Keenum. There's a novel idea.

CBS Sports: 25th (25th)

Will they ever make the quarterback change to Jared Goff? Throw him in there.

Yahoo! Sports: 26th (25th)

Now that Jared Goff is getting a few first-team reps in practice, when’s the most likely date for him to actually see the field? At home against the Dolphins on Nov. 20? At the Saints the following week? When Jeff Fisher signs a contract extension?

Pro Football Talk: 25th (25th)

A division title isn’t out of the question, given how bad their division suddenly is.

FOX Sports: 29th (26th)

Hopefully Jeff Fisher and the Rams used the bye week to seriously consider going to Jared Goff. That doesn’t sound likely as there are reports they still prefer Sean Mannion over the rookie, but they need to make a move away from Case Keenum at quarterback.