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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Week 8

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Nothing has changed. Has your opinion?

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off of the bye week, Rams fans saw Jared Goff make a cameo with the 1st team offense. Those who that that was progress were sadly disappointed when Jeff Fisher said he's sticking with Case Keenum moving forward.

Last time we talked, it was following the Rams loss to the New York Giants in London. Here's what y'all had to say after that dud.

Real JFAP Week 7 Results

I wish I would have taken a snapshot of it after the first 24 hours. At times the #FireFisher crowd was upwards of 80% of the total votes. Toss that into my fancy graph and it looks something like this:

JFAP Week 7 Trends

It's easy to see that the Fire Fisher bandwagon is much more reactionary than the (dwindling) crowd that wants to extend him. However, this is the first time since the loss to the 49ers in Week 1 that Fisher's staunchest supporters are below 10%. Another fun factoid is that the disinterested 'meh' crowd is growing more interested as the season wears on.

I'm interested to see which direction things sway after Fisher teased us with Goff during the bye.