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LA Rams 13, Buffalo Bills 16 - Second Half Live Thread

Whose version of Fisherball will reign supreme?

Los Angeles Rams Vs. Buffalo Bills
Los Angeles Rams Vs. Buffalo Bills
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Fisherball is very simple. It does not ask much. What it does ask is adherence.

Fail to adhere to its simple requirements and the system fails. It requires 100% fealty, 100% acknowledgement and 100% solidarity.

It’s what got the Los Angeles Rams out to 3-1, in ugly and unbelievable fashion.

It’s what is keeping them in this game today, behind the Buffalo Bills, 13-16.

A year ago, the Rams played fine versions of Fisherball on the road at Minnesota and at Baltimore. They lost both.

This year, they’ve played fine versions against Seattle and Arizona. They won both.

The margins are thin.

Seattle had their shots at the end of what turned out to be a six-point game. Arizona did as well in a four-point game. Those two road losses from 2015 I mentioned? Each were determined by three points.

Today’s another in the stream.

One of these two has to win. Neither probably deserves to. It doesn’t matter. Fisherball doesn’t award trophies on beauty or technique. It hands out awards for pain. For blunt force trauma. For inflicting. Inflicting anything, really.

So here. Have another 30 minutes. Be glad your body isn’t forced to take this on.

And hope the needle points our way when the bloodletting is done.