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NFL Week 5 Early Thread

All the action around the NFL ahead of Rams-Bills.

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady
New England Patriots QB Tom Brady
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Patriots (3-1) at Browns (0-4)

Tom Brady hasn’t even played an NFL snap in 2016 and the media sweatfest is already unbearable.

Eagles (3-0) at Lions (1-3)

If the Eagles get the W on the road (and they should), how much speed does the Carson Wentz train pick up?

Bears (1-3) at Colts (1-3)

Andrew Luck has to get right eventually, right? Right?!

Titans (1-3) at Dolphins (1-3)

We’re close to the point where we can start looking at these games for NFL Draft relevance.

Washington (2-2) at Ravens (3-1)

Who’s going to dominate the DC-Charm City corridor in 2016?

Texans (3-1) at Vikings (4-0)

Huge game here. Can Sam Bradford seriously get the injury-riddled Vikes out to 5-0?

Jets (1-3) at Steelers (3-1)

AFC importance on the line here.