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Turf Show Radio: LA Rams-Arizona Cardinals Week 4 Review Episode

The Rams are 3-1. Unbelievable. To take stock of where the Rams are (and how they got there), Joe and Josh recap the win in Arizona and look at the landscape of the NFC West.

Lucio Ourique

On this week's show, Joe and Josh recap the win over Arizona. Mostly, Joe ups his level of excitement as the Rams reach 3-1 on the season. How did the Rams force one of the best teams in the NFL off to a 1-3 start? How did the Rams seemingly hit on every needed play? Has a special teams been sippin' on perfection? How long can this last?!

Also on this week's show: The progression or lack there of from Rams QB Case Keenum. He's winning games, but there have been some less than optimal outings... However, the guys begin to ask if we're looking at Keenum's role in the wrong way and if maybe this is the best way to use a guy like him in this offense. Who says that people don't admit they're wrong?

Moreover, the Rams are getting it done without much production from RB Todd Gurley and WR Tavon Austin. Is that a risk factor moving forward or does it suggest that when they kick in, things might even improve?