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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Week 5

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Time to take our weekly look at Jeff Fisher's approval ratings. I'll admit, I've been surprised by the longevity of the 'Fire Fisher' crowd. Here's what Week 4 poll looked like:

JFAP Week 4 Results

Tack that onto the rest of the polls and you get something that looks like this:

JFAP Week 4 Trends

I tweaked the labeling of the X-axis from past graphs to provide a clearer picture of what the polls represent. Winning seems to be shifting the tides a bit among Rams faithful - rightfully so. Since the week 1 disaster against the San Francisco 49ers, the 'Fire Fisher' vote has dropped from 83% to 34% - which is to be expected when riding a three game winning streak.

The interesting part is that fans are still treading cautiously. The Fisher faithful bottomed out at 6% after the week 1 debacle, but they still fail to outnumber the #FireFisher crowd by 13% (the numbers are jumbled but I promise that math is correct). They might not be calling for the guillotine anymore, but they're not moving all the way to the other side either.

Fans hesitation to fully endorse the coach is indicative of the pain they've been through in the past decade. Rams fans simply aren't accustomed to winning. Hence the perception of the TST Staff being #TooNegative. We're so used to covering the 7 and 9 bullshit that this is new territory.

But when it boils down to it, we're all just fans in the end, right?