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Should the Rams Make a Deadline Deal? Potential Trade Targets

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade deadline doesn't come with the hoopla of the MLB, NBA, or even NHL trade deadline, but there seems to be a larger than usual number of players available this season.

The Rams lack of draft capital in the 2017 NFL draft seriously hampers any trade they'd like to make, but Les Snead hasn't been shy in the past. Now that's not to say that there is any better chance for a big trade to go down...but let's explore a bit, shall we?

Joe Haden (CB - Browns)

Haden has battled injury issues over the past few years and has a bloated contract through the 2019 season. The Browns aren't likely to trade him without significant compensation either, so that could be a trifecta that keeps him in Cleveland.

Potential Cost: 2nd-3rd Round Pick

Josh Gordon (WR - Browns)

This is the most intriguing case out there. He has obvious self control issues when it comes to alcohol and other substances, but he's also an elite talent. Talent opens doors in the NFL. If he can convince Rodger Goodell to reinstate him, Gordon will get another chance somewhere.

Potential Cost: Late Round Pick and an Ulcer

Joe Thomas (LT - Browns)

Sensing a theme here?

I don't see this as the slightest bit likely though. Hue Jackson isn't interested.

Potential Cost: 2nd Round Pick

Joe Staley (OT - 49ers)

Rams fans are familiar with Staley. He's a gritty fixture on the San Francisco OL and has turned into a clubhouse leader as well. If the Browns aren't trading Thomas (no one would blame them if they didn't) then Staley is the top option. Greg Robinson's struggles are well documented - and Staley would be an immediate upgrade over G-Rob.

Potential Cost: 2nd-3rd Round Pick

Torrey Smith (WR - 49ers)

The contract is an issue (5 years, $40M) and he wouldn't be that much better than what the Rams already employ. Plus, he's a deep threat and we've all seen QB Case Keenum's struggle with that this season.....

Potential Cost: Mid-Round Pick

Sheldon Richardson (DT - Jets)

This is purely a pipe-dream. Dominique Easley is playing fantastic and the Aaron Donald / Michael Brockers pairing is elite. Imagine the nightmares Richardson could cause though......

Potential Cost: 2018 1st Round Pick