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Rams’ Perspective Shifts After Monumental Win In Arizona

Things are looking very, very different for the 2016 Rams.

Los Angeles Rams DE Eugene Sims
Los Angeles Rams DE Eugene Sims
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Enough said.


While WRs Nelson Spruce and Pharoh Cooper were on the inactives on Sunday, they look close to be able to make their NFL debuts soon.

The bigger concern is the pileup at defensive end with William Hayes already sidelined and Robert Quinn a mid-game loss from the weekend.

Again though, the Rams manage to remain very fortunately healthy for another week.

Performance Issues

Things get papered over when you’re winning games (and rightfully so), but there has to be fair concern over the production from RB Todd Gurley and WR Tavon Austin. For the two players offered up as the unquestioned most talented individuals on that side of the ball to have put out so little through the first 1/4th of the season is...well, hit me up with your one word assessment in the comments.


2016 NFC West Standings - Week 4
2016 NFC West Standings - Week 4



The Rams did it. They went 2-0 on the road stretch heading through Week 4, and now things look very, very different.

The big marker on the schedule now is the Week 8 bye. The five-game stretch out of the bye could be perilous. The three-game stretch leading in? Opportune.

Having successfully navigated the Tampa Bay-Arizona strait, the Rams get their only game at the Coliseum in October to take on the suddenly upstart 2-2 Buffalo Bills before heading to Detroit to play a 1-3 Lions team and then setting up in London for the Giants who are 2-1 ahead of their game tonight on Monday Night Football.

The Rams well get in their Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday practice schedule this week, so stay tuned to the injury reports.

As it stands, the Rams are off to their best start in a decade with a healthy roster and an inviting three-game run ahead of them.

Opportune indeed.