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Week 4 Recap Reaction: Rams Battle for 3-1

The Rams win a tough, gritty game in the desert.

Brian Quick on his first TD Catch and Run

Highlights Los Angeles Rams 17 Arizona Cardinals 13

The Rams came back down to earth from Tampa Bay, playing aggressive defense led by Aaron Donald and laboring on offense led by Brian Quick with just enough timely big plays from players like Tavon Austin, Todd Gurley, Aaron Donald, Trumaine Johnson, and Brian Quick. With every mistake, whether it be coach or players, the Rams battled back to fight and inch closer and closer to legitimacy.

With Jeff Fisher breaking another curse (this time pushing the Rams two games above .500 in 157 games), the Rams continue to fight to hold on to their NFC West lead. Although happy with the victory, the Rams continued to make plenty of mistakes. Cheering for this team as a lifelong fan must be a challenge under the Kroenke/Fisher regime, constantly littered with boneheaded plays (untimely holdings, roughing the passer, etc.) and head-scratching decisions (going for 2 while up 11 with 4 min left, not one but two disastrous challenges). The Rams must actually tidy these kinds of things up as they progress through the season (Rams opponents to date are a combined 6-10).

Somehow, THIS Rams team is the one to be 3-1 under Jeff Fisher. A team with a first overall pick riding the bench, the star running back on pace for less than 800 yards, and a defense which changed five starters. Look for the Rams to try and continue to improve against a Rex Ryan led Buffalo Bills team at the Coliseum next week, especially on the Todd Gurley front.