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Los Angeles Rams QB Controversy: Should Goff Start After Bye? ESPN Weighs In

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN and it's team of 'in$iders' ran a roundtable as a part of their Week 8 preview regarding what their thoughts were about the Los Angeles Rams turning to rookie QB Jared Goff after the bye.

Here's what they had to say:

Bowen: For Jared Goff to truly develop, he needs game reps. That's how rookies learn. But the Rams lack offensive weapons at the wide receiver position, and they have struggled all season to gain any consistency running the ball with Todd Gurley. Rookie quarterbacks need guys around them who can make plays and help facilitate production. And I just don't see that with this Rams' offense. Because of that, I don't think the Rams make the move just yet, as it could have a negative impact on Goff's overall development.

I think Bowen is spot on with his first two sentences. However, I obviously disagree with the part about the WRs being the issue, but the concerns about Gurley are legitimate. I think getting defenses to respect your QB has something to do with that, though.

Sando: The Rams seem to be proceeding based on Goff's readiness, not based on how well Case Keenum might be playing in a given week. They should play him only if they think Goff can provide an upgrade. There's no indication Goff can do that. Barring a directive from ownership, I think the Rams will wait as long as they can before turning to Goff.

Either Sando is overplaying the lengths Stan Kroenke will go to intervene or.....well, let's just not underestimate Jeff Fisher's ability to retain his job.

Schatz: I don't see what they gain by continuing to play Keenum, but it's clear Jeff Fisher wants to sit his rookie quarterback. It's not necessarily a statement about Goff or Keenum; Fisher did this same thing with Steve McNair, and he turned out to be an OK quarterback.

What is he even saying here? "I don't see what they gain" is followed by "Mcnair....turned out to be an OK quarterback". That's the type of logic that is going to get us 3-4 more years of #Fisherball.

I will say that I'm sick of the McNair argument. He was drafted out of Alcorn State in an era that allowed teams to sit QBs. This isn't 1995 anymore.

Seifert: The only plan the Rams should be following is one that would elevate Goff whenever he is better than Keenum. If Goff is still behind Keenum -- the NFL's worst starter by Total QBR -- then that will soon be a problem in itself.

Ummmm.... I'd like to ask why this isn't already a problem?

Yates: I do believe the transition should and will take place eventually. While there can be growing pains for any rookie quarterback, there are also essential lessons to be learned on the field.

I think Yates is taking coach speak lessons from Fisher. He says absolutely nothing of value here.