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Week 7: Los Angeles Rams Rookie Report

Might be time for the pine pony Messiah to show what he’s got on the field

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Morale is low among the Los Angeles Rams hopeful after the Week 7 debacle against the New York Giants the Brits had to endure.

Jeff Fisher famously stated in Hard Knocks that he did not want to go 7-9 again this year. No 7-9 bullshit. But lo and behold, the Rams are right on track to continue on their 7-9 bullshit.

Lets get into the weekly rookie reports.

Jared Goff

If Case Keenum’s four interceptions is not enough logical reason to force Fisher to give the keys over to Jared, I do not not what will.

Pharoh Cooper

The Rams brass drafted Pharoh in the fourth round. Cooper convincingly won the WR3 battle in camp and throughout the offseason. Then he injured his shoulder in the preseason and missed the start of the regular season. Now throughout week 7, Pharoh has yet to record a catch, has seen action only as a kick returner, or has been a regular on the gameday inactives list.

I do not know what the fuck the Rams are doing with this kid.

Tyler Higbee

Yay!! Higbee caught a pass!! Yay!!

This one went for four yards on a short out route. Good job at utilizing your stretch tight end.

Higbee was also responsible for one of the many penalties the Rams had on offense.

In total, Higbee clocked in just over 37-percent of the snaps on offense, equally out to 29 out of the 78 offensive plays.

Temarrick Hemingway

If the Rams cannot figure out how to use Tyler Higbee, what gives you the idea they know how to use Temarrick? Especially since Hemingway is extremely unpolished.

Like all season, Hemingway was a special teams playa. The former Kentucky Wildcat notched 13 ST snaps.

Josh Forrest

Josh hit a season low in terms of playing time. The Rams second sixth round pick and third linebacker only logged in one single snap on defense.

Clearly, Forrest’s lack of PT on defense was by design. The Giants have virtually no running game thus negating the need for a third ‘backer. Since the that is the only time

Josh logged in another 17 snaps on special teams.

Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas has found his role as a backup WR and as a special teams player.

He was the target for a would be touchdown. However, the ball was slightly overthrown and it led to Thomas’ feet coming down out of bounds.

The 6-1, 200-pound receiver tallied eight snaps on offense with 11 more special teams.

Cory Littleton

The 2016 undrafted rookie linebacker continues to cement himself as a stalwart on special teams. Former University of Washington Husky took part in 21 snaps on special teams – just under 78-percent of the ST snaps.