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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Rams Riding Three Game Skid to Hit the Bye at 3-4

This is gonna be FIYAH!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I'll admit... the ferocity of the loyalty some Rams fans have towards Jeff Fisher is mind-boggling to me. After beating the Buccaneers in week 3 to put them at 2-1, 21% of TSTers wanted Fisher extended.

Fast forward a month and the Rams traveled to London looking to stop a two game losing streak, but fans were not deterred! 22% wanted him extended following the loss to Detroit - because logic.

JFAP Week 6 Results

That poll wasn't as accurate due to it only being open a couple of days (blame me moving for that), but it's still pretty intriguing. I have two thoughts on this.

1) I think a bunch of y'all are trolls. I have a hard time believing that 22% of you want to deal with #Fisherball past the 2016 season.

2) While the hard-line supporters aren't shrinking, the rest of us are starting to consolidate and preparing to sharpen our axes.

JFAP Week 6 Trends

The Week 6 loss in Detroit bumped the "Fire Fisher" from 43% to 60%. I get the feeling that it's going to take another significant jump following the Rams third straight loss - which was followed by Fisher doubling down on Keenum.