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Game Balls: Let's Play the Blame Game!

Let's not pretend that there were any outstanding performances yesterday.....

Dan Istitene/Getty Images

The Rams had most of us drinking by lunchtime yesterday and it's wasn't celebratory. This is normally where I sugar coat the defeat by telling you all how great some of our players were. Forget that this week.

Sure, Brian Quick had a nice game. Yes, Legatron is still perfect. But I'm not polishing this turd.

Instead, let's take a look at who's responsible for this predicament.

Jeff Fisher

What more can be said here?

He's been trending down for weeks.

He's doubling down with a bad QB.

His personnel decisions suck. Like.....REALLY SUCK.

Reports of extensions for the head coach have died down, but is there any chance #Fisherball ends in the near future?

Case Keenum

This is who Keenum is. He will be an inconsistent performer incapable of putting his team over the top. Good enough to keep games close against bad defenses, but bad enough to ensure they still lose those games.

Will someone please free Jared Goff?


I will refer you back to this...... and ask you to lay off the #Fisherball kool-ade

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