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LA Rams Vs. New York Giants: Winners & Losers

The Rams are back in familiar, below .500 territory. All is right with the world.

 NFL: International Series: New York Giants at Los Angeles Rams Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

News flash: The Rams have lost three in a row. It may shock you, but this is likely a surprise to no-one, except maybe, Jeff Fisher.

After specifically playing up the ‘7-9 bullshit’ at the beginning of the off-season in HBO’s Hard Knocks, the Rams appear to be headed straight towards bullshit, but they had a brief pit stop in London.

It didn’t go well there, either.

The Quick Five

Jeff Fisher

After the loss, Fisher said he'd make a change at receiver before he made a change at QB. Yet he re-signed Brian Quick, inked a new deal with Tavon Austin and the only new receivers who were active combined for 1 cach for 4 yards. You tell me, how does this clown still have a job?

Case Keenum, QB

32/53 291 YARDS, 1TD, 4 INTS

Keenum followed up a career highlight game with arguably his worst game ever as a starter. Those are kind of the shakes with a below average QB in the NFL.

If you have any evidence as to why Jared Goff should not start, please, let us know.

Greg Zuerlein, K

1/1 FG

Shout out to Legatron, who remains perfect for the year.

Johnny Hekker, K

7 PUNTS, 6 IN20, 58 YD LNG

I'm really stretching here for positives, but Hekker has continued to be excellent. He is one of the best punters in the game, which is good because he is called on quite often.

Greg Robinson, OT

Robinson is the worst left tackle in the NFL.

I'm not sure what the team is going to do, as they don't have any depth on the line to move him, but it's clearly not in the best interest of the team to keep him at that position permanently. Another coaching fail by Fisher & Co.

Assorted Thoughts

  • This team has less talent than it did a year ago, yet started with a better record #Fisherball
  • Even with 4 turnovers, the Rams still won in Time of Possession (by over 10 minutes), overall offensive yardage, rushing yards, passing yards, yards per play, 3rd down conversion rate, total number of first downs, total plays ran and still lost. #Fisherball
  • The Rams continued their culture change with 8 penalties for 43 yards. #Fisherball