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LA Rams Vs. New York Giants: Live Open Thread

London Town, quite a place for tea. London Town, save a biscuit there for me.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are. The 2016 Los Angeles Rams are 3-3 offering a home game in London against the 3-3 New York Giants. Both teams head into the bye after this laying the outlook bare.

One team completes nearly the first half of their season at 4-3 with the playoffs in striking distance. Another heads into the bye 3-4 with four failures supplying the majority of their output.

This is a simple schism. There is no nuance left here.

This is the turning point for both teams. And it's going down far from home.

It's rare to get this kind of game in the International Series. Usually it's a throwaway game either way, but the Rams and Giants are offering a pivotal clash at historic Twickenham Stadium to a quality crowd in England and an incredibly thinned audience at home.

Few will wake up to make sure to catch this game today. Fewer still will be the numbers on the West Coast who make sure to wake up (and regain ultimate sentience) for a 6:30 kickoff.

And so here we are. The same as we ever were. London. LA. New York. 2016.

Go Rams.