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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Week 7

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Man, this Los Angeles Rams team is something else. For those who stayed with the team from St. Louis, you know the drill. For the L.A. folks just catching back up..... welcome to the madness that is your favorite NFL team.

Just when we all started to believe, Fisherball crushes all our hopes and dreams.

Per usual, lets recap with our most recent poll.

JFAP Week 5 Results

That escalated quickly. Let's take a look at the trends:

JFAP Week 6 Trends

Prior to the start of the season, there were quite a few folks who were waffling a bit on their opinion of the Rams head coach. But that time has long since passed. 73% of fans are at one extreme or another, with nearly half of voters wanting Fisher Fired following the Week 5 loss vs the Buffalo Bills.

It seems that winning close games will only get Fisher so far in the minds of fans. The big loss in week 1 to the San Francisco 49ers caused quite the spike (41%) in the #FireFisher movement. The similarly ugly loss to the Bills cause a slightly smaller increase (24%).

What will a close loss that kills any positive momentum the Rams had early in the season do?