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Random Ramsdom 10/21: Across the Pond

The Los Angeles Rams seek to stop the skid in London in Week 7 against the New York Giants

NFL: International Series-Los Angeles Rams Practice
“You sound like you’re from London but we’ve moved 6 times!” - Jeff Fisher, Probably
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

League Insiders Pick Rams to Win | ESPN Insider

Rams and Giants game is selected as a “top week 7 game”. 2 of 3 experts picked Rams to rebound and win.

Giants Kicker Doesn’t Travel to London | ESPN

After documents came out admitting to domestic abuse, Josh Brown doesn’t go to London

PFW Matchup Preview | STL Post Distpatch

Statistical breakdown of the Rams - Giants game.

Next QB to be Benched | ESPN Insider

ESPN Insiders forecast who will get bench relatively soon and Case Keenum is on their list.

Rams Have Work to Do Before NYG Showdown | American Football International

The Rams have some work to do before taking on Odell Beckham Jr. and the Giants.

Week 7 Rams Giants Storylines | Fansided

Some of the key storylines for the game

Rams Plan for OBJ | USA TODAY

Ramswire of USAToday breaks down what the Rams will have to do better from their 2014 matchup when Odell got into a chippy game with the Rams.

Case Keenum Searching for Final Drive | ESPN

Rams QB Case Keenum is searching for the opportunity to finish the final drive and win a game for the team.