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Los Angeles Rams vs. New York Giants: Five Giants to Watch

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams flew across the Atlantic ocean to play a “home“ game against the New York Giants at the Twickenham Stadium in London, England.

At 3-3, this game is pivotal for the Rams. The Los Angeles squad can go into the Bye Week one game above .500. Or, the team can go into its week off riding a four game losing streak. If the second occurs, look for the Rams brass to start mulling the idea of switching shit up.

**Cough Cough** Jared Goff.

But I digress. Lets get into the five opposing players to watch:

Giants to Watch

WR Odell Beckham Jr.

OBJ is one of the premiere receivers in the NFL today. He is an explosive/dynamic playmaker that can beat you every way possible. Beckham Jr. is a threat to score every time he catches that ball.

Now, Odell has missed practice or been limited all week due to a hip injury. It would be a blessing for Los Angeles if Beckham misses the London game. However, the hurt hip does not look like it will keep Odell out of this contest.

Double coverage. Triple coverage. The Rams have to get creative with this one. The team will likely be without top corner Trumaine Johnson who is still nursing a high ankle sprain. Third-year corner E.J. Gaines can fair well against OBJ, but the latter is much more talented. Gaines will most surely require assistance. You can forget about the 2015 undrafted free agent Troy Hill. Hill – though, he has exceeded expectations – is consistently over matched.

SS Landon Collins

It is common practice now for opposing teams to put eight-plus men in the box when going against the Rams. They are not fooled. They know the Rams want to run the ball with star running back Todd Gurley.

Strong safety Landon Collins will be one of those extra defenders in the box.

Playing in the box is one of Collins’ strengths. Landon was known for being strong against the run when he first entered the league out of LSU.

DT Damon Harrison

We are entering Week 7 and the Rams’ offensive line still has not been able to open up running lanes.

It is defensive tackle Damon Harrison’s job to keep it that way. Harrison is the prototypical run stuffing nose tackles. They eat up space. That is their job.

Against the Rams, Damon will have to attempt to draw as many double teams from the center and guards. It will fall upon center Tim – Timmy Turner wishing for a burner – Barnes and guards Jamon Brown and Rodger Saffold. News flash: the Rams interior O-line is terrible. Even Saffold, who has generally been an above average O-lineman, has struggled this season.

CB Janoris Jenkins

Oh you know the Jackrabbit is gonna talk some shit. Thing is; the Rams will most likely not be able to shut the former Ram up.

Jenkins is a great corner. He’s good at man and zone coverage. He does have a bit of a tendency to get caught eyeing the quarterback. That habit, however, will be a gift this week. Rams signal caller Case Keenum has a knack for locking on to his target. If he continues this bad habit in London, you can bet your ass Jenkins will pick one off and take it to the house.

QB Eli Manning

Can’t spell ELITE without Eli.

Lol I kid, I kid. So far this season the former two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback has been the model of inconsistency. Manning has tossed up six interceptions to go with his eight interceptions.

It is something that has plagued the veteran quarterback for his entire career. When he is good, he is good. When Eli is shaky, well, he gets shakier than a muhfuckin’ stripper.

If the Rams can get to Eli and make him uncomfortable he is susceptible to make mistakes. Good thing the Rams get their best edge rusher back in the form of Robert Quinn.