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Rams 10, Cardinals 10: Second Half Live Thread

Time to decide who we are.

Los Angeles Rams QB Case Keenum
Los Angeles Rams QB Case Keenum 
Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Are the 2016 Rams for real?

I asked that in the pre-game. Here we are. Just 30 minutes from a decision.

The Rams found a respectable passing game in the 1st half. No, that’s not sarcasm. Brian Quick matched Tavon Austin’s TD from a week ago in a 1v1 catch-and-escape. It’s plays like that that can force safety scheme switches from opponents.

On the other hand...Todd Gurley has 17 yards on 8 carries. The overwhelming response from when I asked if we should be worried about him a week and a half ago was “no.” A repeat of the first half, and I’d expect the response to that question to be much, much different.

Defensively, it’s the Rams. Ferocious up front, tacked at the back. Tru doing Tru things, Lamarcus Joyner doing Lamarcus Joyner things, and a bit of a soft spot at the CB2 slot with Troy Hill. Can E.J. Gaines lock it up moving forward? He might have to, especially if DE Robert Quinn’s arm/elbow/wrist/hand injury is consequential.

Are the 2016 Rams for real?

Time to find out.