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LA Rams At Arizona Cardinals: Live Open Thread

Time to pay the man.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I said that football can be a game of questions. And that while last week offered some very direct questions, we'd be left with another menu of them after the game regardless of the result.

Today, instead of addressing that menu, we can just condense the question facing the 2016 Los Angeles Rams down to a single question as they face a struggling 1-2 division rival Arizona Cardinals team:

Are the 2016 Rams for real?

They've gotten out to a 2-1 start despite having the worst offense (again) in yards per game. They've turned in one spectacular defensive performance and two substandard ones. The penalties are still there (29th in the league as of right now). The disorganization's still there. And they've been afforded the grace of being nearly injury-free while having yet to have a single gripe about K Greg Zuerlein, two huge factors that will no doubt flip at some point this season.

And yet...they're 2-1.

That the Rams have weathered the storm thus far certainly suggests it's possible to keep doing so. Inexplicable, but possible.

There are only two outcomes. The Rams win, and we have to confront the unlikely possibility that the Rams have turned the corner. A loss, and we're in familiar territory.

Are the 2016 Rams for real?

In 60 minutes, we'll have an answer.