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NFL Week 4 Early Live Thread

All the action around the NFL ahead of Rams-Cardinals.

Indianapolis Colts-Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts-Jacksonville Jaguars
Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

The Colts are losing to the Jags pretty woefully right now in London (just dropping a thought I had earlier I’ll try to expand on this week - Andrew Luck is in the same boat Todd Gurley is in re: lacking surrounding talent...more to come if Gurley’s output today matches Weeks 1-3).

Once things wrap up in England, we’ve got a full schedule across the league for Week 4:

  • Titans at Texans
  • Browns at Washington’s Football Humans
  • Seahawks at Jets
  • Bills at Patriots
  • Panthers at Falcons
  • Raiders at Ravens
  • Lions at Bears

Pretty strong lineup.

Houston-Tennessee will help shape the AFC South stage with the Texans out front at 2-1. FWIW, the AFC South is the only division in which all four teams have a negative point differential.

Cleveland-Washington is just about avoiding the basement. If Cleveland loses, they go 0-4. If they win, they’ll match Washington at 1-3. Regardless, whoever loses this is going into full panic/long-term prep mode.

A 1-2 Seattle at MetLife to take on a 1-2 New York Jets. Important game much?

Buffalo at New England. The Bills are coming off of a spirited home win over Arizona and now sit at 1-2. The Patriots have managed a 3-0 start without Tom Brady because of course they have. They’re rolling with QB Jacoby Brissett again today hoping to hold home field and stay perfect. It’s probably going to happen and we’re all going to be disgusted at it.

Carolina’s in Atlanta, and the southeastern NFL football map might implode. Cam Newton in ATL? Forget nachos and beer. They should just serve grits and sweet tea. For free. Actually, everybody should do this all time.

Oakland has crossed the country to hit up Charm City. This is the best game of the day standings-wise with the Raiders at 2-1 and Baltimore undefeated through three. Whoever snags this gets a solidified air of legitimacy.

Detroit-Chicago. This was the heart of the NFL in eras past. Now it’s just...well, maybe you have a fantasy impact here (but you really shouldn’t). Otherwise, you can just read up on this later.

Fun stuff ahead, fam.