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Transcript: Rams HC Jeff Fisher, QB Case Keenum Talk London Arrival

Here’s what Rams HC Jeff Fisher and QB Case Keenum had to say after arriving in London ahead of their Week 7 clash with the New York Giants.

Los Angeles Rams HC Jeff Fisher and QB Case Keenum
Los Angeles Rams HC Jeff Fisher and QB Case Keenum
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(Opening Remarks)

“I just want to say, off the top, since our arrival here, everything has just been outstanding. The facilities are so impressive. We had a great practice today. Players are coming around now. We put the difficult loss behind us, and we’re looking forward to the weekend, and especially excited about being here. I was informed over the last few days that this game was sold out over a period of a couple hours. It speaks volumes of the enthusiasm and the commitment that’s here for our game, and we’re happy to be a part of this year’s opportunity to play here. We’re in good shape, we’re healing up, and again, we’re happy to be here.”

(On the team’s health)

“We had a really good meeting this morning. Let me go back. Clearly, coming off a difficult loss in Detroit, and then leaving almost immediately after the game for here was a challenge for us. But, they knew well ahead of time, and they accepted it. We got here, they settled down. We tried to keep them awake, but we weren’t as successful as we thought, but they got rested up. Yesterday, they got to participate in the Play60 event. Those that were nicked and things got their treatment, got their exercise. Took advantage of the marvelous facility here, and then we got started this morning. Their energy today on the practice field was everything that I expected out of them. The game is behind them, and they’re looking forward to the Giants.”

(On if playing a game at 6:30 a.m. PT alters is preparation schedule)

“Tomorrow morning when we start our treatments at 8:00 a.m. and our meetings at 9:00 a.m., that’s the time, that’s our time. We’re there, we made it. We’ll have to deal with it when we return to L.A., but we’re there. They’ve done a good job. It’s all about rest, recovery, hydration, acclamation, and the players have accepted that. So, that’s not a concern of mine. We’re going to have to send a huge wake up call to the city of L.A. on Sunday morning, because kickoff is early. But, it’s not going to affect us.”

(On the status of DE Robert Quinn)

“Rob is coming. He was limited today on the practice field. We’re optimistic that he’ll be able to return.”

(On if he did anything different, preparation wise, during this trip to London, in comparison to the trip last season)

“Yeah, it was different in that we came over on Monday following a home game. What was different was we had to lead up to…in the National Football League, it’s an inherent challenge to go form the West Coast, and then play a 1:00 p.m. (Eastern) game, which is in essence a 10:00 a.m. game on the West Coast. That in itself was a challenge for us that we dealt with last week. I thought the energy, and the fight, and everything was all there. We just lost the game. It’s hard to compare both of them, but we’re doing some of the same things that we’ve done from a dietary standpoint, and rest, and recovery.”

(On his thoughts regarding QB Case Keenum’s miscues and his development process as a quarterback)

“You look around the league, and there’s miscues all over the place. What we’re excited about is how the offense has started to ascend over the last couple of weeks. We played some good defenses early. If you exclude our opener at San Francisco, our offense is starting to do this. He got very comfortable. The game slowed down for him. 19 consecutive completions is hard to do, and he did it. As we continue to go, and every week is a challenge, and I’m extremely impressed with the Giant’s defense right now. But, we have to continue to do those things and make those plays. I think he’s handled things very, very well. He’s shrugged things off. This game didn’t need to come down to a two-minute drive to kick a field goal, or try to tie. Case, in his mind, he was expecting to put the ball in the end zone. So, he tried to make the throw, and they made the play.”

(On if he’s had a chance to look at the stadium, and if he understands the significance of being the first football team to play a game in Twickenham Stadium)

“I’ve not been there. We’re going to go through there on Saturday and have a walk-thru, and we’re excited about that. The players are excited about that. Our administration, our operations department has been there; they’ve toured it. I spoke with representatives from the National Football League, and everybody says, it’s a great venue. It’s going to be a great environment for both teams. It’s interesting when you play on the road, you prepare your offense for crowd noise. Fortunately, in the situation that we’re in now, when you play at home, you prepare your defense for crowd noise. We have to prepare both sides for crowd noise, and as will both teams. I think as will the Giants. It’s just going to be a great environment.”

(On how much of the surroundings and distractions he lets in to get the most out of the players)

“It’s a great question. I think you short-change the players if we wake up in the morning, we go out and practice, we come in and go to meetings and that’s it. You want the players to take advantage of this experience. I spoke to several players today and said ‘How was your day yesterday?’ He goes ‘I went to London, it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m calling mom and dad and telling them this is a really cool place.’ You want to give them some time to do that, to see the sights and experience that. It’s a fine line there. When they have a couple hours off, we’re encouraging them to go do that. They’re excited, as I am and the staff is, to see and participate in this venue. Just the experience here at the facility, we’re, obviously, very grateful that we’ve been given the opportunity to share the facility, with a top-two team in rugby in the world and see what their world’s like. It’s been a good experience. We want the players to go out and get a little feel for it.”

(On if there is any timetable for DT Michael Brockers)

“Nothing, no. he just didn’t practice today. So we’ll see how that goes as each day moves forward.”

(On what he’s said to the defense to keep their spirits up)

“It’s not an emotional thing, it’s a pride thing. Shoot, we gave up 31 points last week, so they were disappointed, their expectations are higher than that. You bounce back, but the only way you bounce back is you have to start preparing for the next opponent and we’re well into that right now. This is a challenge, this team is on the move – I like to think we’re similar, from that respect. Their offense is getting on track; a really outstanding defense, ‘Jenks’ (Giants CB Janoris Jenkins) is playing really good. Their defense is playing well, they went out and made the moves that they needed to, to get this defense going. If their offense struggles, their defense will carry them and that’s kind of how we’re built – or we should be built – if our offense is going to struggle, the defense should carry us.”

(On if he thinks the Rams are a part of something in the United Kingdom after relocating to Los Angeles)

“Bigger picture, when the schedule came out, we were really excited about it. And it’s gone very, very fast and we’ve been through a lot of things. We were reflecting earlier today on this, in essence, from an organizational standpoint, this is our sixth home since March – if you take into consideration all the moves, the short moves. We’re kind of calling this home right now and we’re going to make the most of it. But it is, there’s been a lot of things along those lines that have happened to this organization – that includes player acquisition, the trade to get (QB) Jared (Goff) and the move and everything like that. This is just one of those things that we hope to capture from an organizational and an NFL standpoint.”

(On if one of the reasons the team has adapted to moving around so much this year is because they like each other)

“Yeah, the get along great, they have fun. They challenge each other, they kid with each other, but this is a close-knit group considering what we’ve been through.”

(On if all the moves have any impact with how the players perform)

“You can’t let it become an excuse. We’ve taken the approach that it doesn’t matter where you play or what time or who you play, you just have to go out and play, and that’s what they bought in to. We started that a long time ago, we started that when we started packing things up in St. Louis. We don’t necessarily have all the answers right now, but what we do know is that we’re expecting to be a pretty good football team and, in order to do that, these are the things you need to do.”

(On the possibility of an NFL franchise in London)

“You know, the enthusiasm, the support is clearly here. There’s no doubt about that. That’s a league issue – I know the league is looking really hard at it. I think it would be great for the National Football League if, at some point in the future, that were able to happen.”

(On if he thinks a franchise in London would create competitive disadvantages)

“Again, the league is going to look at all those things. I think what’s interesting about it is, and what happened a couple weeks ago, with respect to the scheduling, when Indianapolis decided not to have a bye, they requested not to have their bye following this trip. So they came in here, they played well, they did not have a bye, they came back and they won. I think that’s interesting, from the league’s perspective. But again, that’s out of my world, but it’s a good point.”

QB Case Keenum

(On today’s practice)

“It went well, moving around a little bit. Getting back on a different schedule with Tuesday off. But I think everybody’s kind of adjusting and getting their legs back underneath them. ”

(On whether practice went better than expected considering what the team has been through from a logistical standpoint)

“I think so. I think our motto has been wherever and whenever. We got a good pitch here and they’re doing well hosting us. This place, Pennyhill (Park Hotel), is awesome, it really is an incredible place. My wife and I have really enjoyed it. It’s been great.”

(On whether he has heightened concern or worry potentially going into the bye week with a three game losing streak)

“Not something I focus on or think about. I want to win every week. Any time you don’t win, food doesn’t taste as good, it’s just not as good. I hate losing. I want to win every time I step on the field. No matter when it is, where it is. To get the opportunity to play this week, after last week is important, I think.”

(On what he noticed on film that allowed the team to click offensively against Detroit last week)

“I think we were well prepared. I think the coaches did a great job preparing us. Guys are playing hard. You saw (WR) Kenny (Britt), the runs after the catches. From the first play of the game I thought we ran the ball really well. Really, look at the offensive line, I don’t think there were really any sacks and I wasn’t on the ground very much at all. They played extremely well, we have got to continue that. We have got to build on that.”

(On what he sees when he looks at the Detroit game on film as it pertains to his performance)

“I thought I gave guys chances to make plays down the field. Obviously, the guys did a lot more than they didn’t. Obviously, we’ve got to finish. To have the ball in your hands, with a chance to tie or win the game, with a minute and a half left, you’ve got to do that in this league. It’s something I want to do, and I know I can do, and I know this team can do. Offensively, I think it’s something that we’re going to pride ourselves on and win a lot of games in the future with that stuff.”

(On how much confidence there is within the offense given the way they’ve played the last couple weeks)

“I think we’re building on confidence. I think confidence and momentum is a big deal in this league. I think the offensive line has confidence in each other. I have confidence in them. (RB) Todd’s (Gurley) growing in that as well. All aspects, with the receiving corps as well - those guys running their routes. I’m confident they’re going to be where they need to be and they’re going to go up and make plays, where I can throw the ball up at times and let them make a play.”

(On what he expects to see from the Giants defensive front)

“The Giants are very talented upfront and on the backend as well. Obviously, with (CB) Janoris (Jenkins), who was with us last year. Looking at them on film, they’re a sound defense. We’ve got our work cut out for us. We’ve got to protect the football. We have got to be able to run the ball well. I think our coaches are coming up with a great plan.”

(On whether he’s learning more about himself as a player this season as a starter)

“I think you’re always learning stuff about yourself. For me, I want to always be getting better. I never want to feel like I’ve arrived or gotten ‘there’, wherever ‘there’ is. I think that’s what all the good ones do – they continue to get better – no matter how much they’ve played or how many games they’ve played or how much experience they have. That’s something I’m trying to do, is continually be better, each time I step on the field.”

(On whether it’s a unique situation going up against a former teammate in Janoris Jenkins and potentially knowing his tendencies as a player)

“A little bit. But you know, we’re a year different. Scout team’s obviously a little different going against a guy. It’s a different defense, a different scheme. He’s a great player and he’s showing up on film. It’s no surprise. But we got to know where he is at all times.”

(On whether bringing a team back from behind to win a game late is something he looks to add to his achievements as a quarterback)

“I think you look at the NFL in general, all of the great ones, they’re known for never being out of a game. That’s definitely something that I want to take pride in. No matter what the situation is, I want to be able to go down and score points. But I think our team, our offense is doing a good job, coming together as a group, as a unit. I think we’ve got a chance no matter what the situation is. We’ve just got to keep getting better. We have got to build on it.”