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The Most Passionate Celebrity Rams Fans

With the Rams back in Los Angeles, more and more TV/movie/music personalities are expressing their support for the team. Who have been the most passionate?

Actor Ty Burrell throws a pass at Rams practice
Los Angeles Rams

It’s always difficult to make lists, especially on things like “who loves the Los Angeles Rams the most based on available social media posts and interviews?”

But, we thought it would be fun to research which actors, actresses and musicians have been the most vocal about the Los Angeles Rams.

The following list, most likely totally wrong and unfairly ranked, is what I came up with.

1) Ty Burrell

Ty Burrell throws a football at a Rams practice
Los Angeles Rams

The “Modern Family” and “Finding Dory” actor has been like a kid in a candy store when it comes to St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams football, attending practices, games and even representing the Rams at the 2014 NFL Draft.

You’d be hard pressed to find another celebrity, let alone human being, as dedicated to the Rams as Burrell:

In 2015, Burrell invited Rams punter Johnny Hekker and defensive end Robert Quinn as his guests on the “Modern Family” set:

It’s unusual to have a “Take Your Favorite Players to Work Day”, but Burrell did it graciously.

2) Taran Killam

Taran Killam parodies HBO’s Hard Knocks
The Comic’s Comic

The Mad TV and Saturday Night Live alumnus, and director of the upcoming dark comedy “Why We’re Killing Gunther” (starring wife Cobie Smulders and legend Arnold Schwarzenegger), has made the Los Angeles Rams a big priority in his life:

Rams. Win. @Rams

A video posted by Taran Killam (@tarzannoz) on

Refreshing scores in the back of a cab got me like... @rams 3-1 BABY! #SameRecordasPats @rygaul

A video posted by Taran Killam (@tarzannoz) on

He even parodied Hard Knocks after his exit from Saturday Night Live:

This dude loves him some RAMS FOOTBAW.

3) Flea and The Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers perform at the Coliseum
Jae Hong, Associated Press

The SoCal band opened for the Rams’ home opener in the LA Coliseum, decked out in Rams’ uniforms and customized jerseys. That’s pretty damn fanboi, and Flea is especially hyped:

“Since I was a little boy, I’ve taken joy in the beauty of the Rams. When I moved to Los Angeles in 1972, I was getting uprooted from my home and I thought, ‘Well, where I’m going they’ve got the Rams. It’s going to be all right,’” said Flea.

Also, Flea’s twitter account has since been deleted, but here’s what he had to say when he found out the Rams were moving back to LA:

all love to st. louis and the show me state. but by birthrights the rams are home and I’m gonna scream my guts out til i puke

— Flea (@flea333) January 13, 2016

We have no doubt that he will.

4) Terry Crews

First of all, Terry Crews is one of my favorite people, period. The “Brooklyn 99” actor’s positive vibes are infectious:

Crews, a linebacker, was originally drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 1991, with stints in San Diego and Washington, before retiring in 1997. He then moved back to LA to take up acting.

He remains a huge Rams fan, and stunted for 24 Hour Fitness during a preseason Rams game (watch out, if you get too close he’ll poke your eyes out with those pecs):

His excitement for Rams football is palpable, as discussed in a recent interview with 3MS Sports News:

If the Rams get thin at linebacker, Crews is ready to go:

5) Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo visits the Rams on behalf of Trejo’s Tacos
Trejo’s Tacos

Known as “The Machete”, which is of course one of the greatest nicknames ever for an actor, Trejo has appeared in every movie. Really. Look it up.

When he’s not acting, which is rare, Trejo can be found rooting for the Los Angeles Rams and selling his tacos on gameday:

Asked recently by ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez how he felt about the Rams being back:

"Just joy," he said. "Just so happy. It was kind of like part of Los Angeles came back. Los Angeles is this huge puzzle, and there was always a piece missing. Our sports team. Our football team. This is a football city, you understand? This is a football city. We’ve got UCLA, we’ve got SC. This is a football city. And then our biggest piece of the puzzle was missing. And then -- bam! -- they came back with a vengeance. We’re 3-1."

The team is now 3-3, but I don’t think that’s going to bother Trejo. He is jacked.

6) Tom Morello

First off, Tom Morello is one of the most innovative guitarists in our lifetime, pretty much inventing sounds never heard before. And, he’s also a well-educated political activist, graduating from Harvard in 1986 with a degree in social studies.

Oh, and he’s a football fan. He moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduation, but was already hooked on the Rams since childhood:

This badass unit here made me a lifelong Rams fan. #FearsomeFoursome #LosAngelesRams #WelcomeBack

A photo posted by Tom Morello (@tommorello) on

Back in 2013, he made friends with (then St. Louis) Rams Punter Johnny Hekker:

And in this interview with Nardwuar, stated his close connection with the Rams:

Morello owns a Rams football helmet signed by QB Kurt Warner, and told SPIN magazine this in 2009:

“I’ve been a Rams fan since I was a wee lad. Kurt Warner signed SUPER BOWL MVP on this helmet. I actually had to cancel a Rage Against the Machine show in Belgium to fly back for the game. Don’t tell the Belgians!”

I think he was forgiven.

7) Robert Patrick

Hollywood actor Robert Patrick is a Rams fan
Splash News

Growing up as a child of the 80’s, I remember Robert Patrick as T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. He was absolutely terrifying.

I was happy to learn later that Patrick was actually a cool guy, and was not a machine sent from the future to impale people. He currently stars on “Scorpion”, a pretty cool show about smart people like us at TurfShowTimes.

He and his teenage son are also season ticket holders for the Rams:

Alright @rams lets do this! #winning @nfl #socal

A photo posted by Robert Patrick (@ripfighter) on

Patrick recently sat down with For the Win and talked about his love for the Los Angeles Rams (even if he does have an old flame...):

“I moved around a lot as a youngster,” he said. “The first team I ever saw play in 1966, was the Atlanta Falcons. So they’re in my heart. However, I have lived in Los Angeles for 36 years and am very excited to embrace as my favorite team the Los Angeles Rams.”

I identify with Patrick, as I grew up an Atlanta Falcons fan as a kid, moved around a lot, and settled on the Rams as an adult. I now live back in Atlanta, and am surrounded by Falcons talk. However, my loyalty remains with the Rams on game day.

I he can do it, I can do it.

Honorable Mentions

Elizabeth Banks, Holly Robinson Peete, Ryan Seacrest, Kendrick Lamar.

Did we miss any? Hit us in the comments!