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Rams vs Lions: Game Balls Get Offensive

(Apologies to the always outstanding Aaron Donald)

Harry How/Getty Images

So.... the Rams scored 4 TDs - yet they still managed to lose. That's on the defense. Props to these two for having career performances.

QB Case Keenum

Keenum had an 84% completion percentage, 321 yards, and 4 TDs.... in #Fisherball. I don't like to admit it, but he's been balling out lately. I still want Rookie Jared Goff sooner rather than later, but Keenum is bridging the gap nicely over the past few weeks.

Sadly, the Rams are still losing games with these performances - which prompts me to cry a little louder for Goff.

WR Kenny Britt

Another player that continues to prove me wrong as the year progresses is Britt. He had 7 catches for a buck-36 and a pair of scores. He's subtly on pace for 80 receptions, 1578 yards, and 5-6 TDs. THAT'S some #1 WR production right there.

ESPECIALLY IN FISHERBALL. Somebody get this man an extension!