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LA Rams At Detroit Lions: Winners And Losers

The Rams' superb effort on offense was spoiled by a complete defensive meltdown.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks ago, the Rams were sitting high at 3-1. There was a realistic chance that they could head into London 5-1, the best record they've had through six weeks for well over a decade. Now, two weeks later, the Rams expectations have flat-lined after two winnable games slipped right through their fingers.

The Quick Five

Kenny Britt, WR

7 REC, 136 YARDS, 2 TD

It's not often that a Rams receiver catches nearly every pass and tops 100 yards. This was a career game for Britt, who exploded against the Lions after steadily improving every game of 2016.

The receivers, the Rams biggest question mark heading into the season, are easily the silver lining in 2016 so far. Britt and Brian Quick are two of the most improved players on the team, and their play couldn't come sooner.

Case Keenum, QB

27/32 84.3% COMP, 321 YDS


There is a clear talent disparity when talking about Case Keenum as a starting quarterback, but he did just about everything you could ask for. The turnover is something that the Rams should expect just from his level of talent. It's something that's happened before and they've won games despite of it.

This was easily the best game of Case Keenum's NFL career, and the Rams wasted it, just as they wasted their 3-1 start.

Jeff Fisher

I really don't know what else to say at this point. Fisher's offense finally succeeded, albeit against the league's worst defense.

The 4th and goal call was a statement, suggesting the Rams identity as a power team, yet Todd Gurley's main purpose in the ground game was a decoy, even though he had his best statistical output.

The Rams defense, especially the defensive line, was heralded for it's depth and talent in the offseason, was completely neutralized outside of Aaron Donald. That same defensive line has 10 sacks, good for 24th in the league.

There are always going to be times when one unit doesn't show up. It happens. But Fisher has had 5 years to craft this defense. They are not a unit that is supposed to give up 31 points a game. They did, and Fisher is back in familiar .500 territory because of it.

Mark Barron, LB

6 TKL (3 SOLO)

No one player has been more of a disappointment in 2016 than Mark Barron. He looks completely lost and has not transitioned to being a full time linebacker well.

The Rams are already undersized at the position, but Barron has been over-pursuing, under-tackling and just playing poorly in general. The team really needs more output from this group.

Aaron Donald, DE

4 TKL (4 SOLO)


Even in the midst of double teams, Donald was still able to provide the only measurable statistical output on the defensive line.

The talent of Aaron Donald is limitless.

Assorted Thoughts

  • Todd Gurley had his best statistical game, yet his usage hit season lows. I'm not sure what identity Jeff Fisher thinks the Rams have, but it's not what everyone else is seeing.
  • After Jamon Brown's performance, I would be shocked if he was not re-inserted into the starting line-up.
  • Offensive lineman have been benched for less, Greg Robinson. Be grateful Fisher has no one else to play at LT.
  • Alec Ogletree is not a middle linebacker.
  • Greg Zuerlein has remained perfect through 6 games.
  • The Rams continued their culture change with 8 penalties for 62 yards. They are third highest in the league for penalties.