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Los Angeles Rams 28, Detroit Lions 31: Wasted

The Rams started out 3-1. They’re now .500 after a two-game losing streak.

Los Angeles Rams At Detroit Lions
Los Angeles Rams At Detroit Lions
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams QB Case Keenum was 27/32 for 321 yards and three passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown today against the Detroit Lions.

WR Kenny Britt was the primary benefactor with seven catches for 136 yards and two touchdowns.

The two had the best games of their careers with the Rams...and the Rams wasted it, losing 28-31.

We’ll unpack this over the course of the week with plenty of things to look at: the defense, the call at the end of the first half, Keenum and more...but the key is that the Rams wasted this chance.

They wasted a chance to go 4-2.

They wasted a chance to avoid .500 after starting 3-1.

They wasted that 3-1 start.

They’re wasting Todd Gurley who gained 58 yards on 14 carries, hitting a 4.14 yards per carry mark, easily his best of the season.

They wasted Keenum’s day of so few incompletions and a franchise-record 19 consecutive completions capped off by the interception.

They wasted all of it. Yet again.