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Q&A With Jaguars Writer On CB Dwayne Gratz

Getting the inside info from Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country, the SB Nation community for Jacksonville Jaguars fans.

Former Jacksonville Jaguars CB Dwayne Gratz
Former Jacksonville Jaguars CB Dwayne Gratz
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

With the Los Angeles Rams thin at cornerback following a Week 5 injury to Trumaine Johnson and the release of Coty Sensabaugh, the Rams claimed former Jacksonville Jaguars CB Dwayne Gratz off of waivers.

To get a sense of what Gratz provides to the Rams’ depth chart, I linked up with Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country, the SB Nation community for Jacksonville Jaguars fans.

After four years, what does Dwayne Gratz do well at the NFL level? What does he struggle with most?

Gratz is a good tackler in the open field, which is probably his best trait. As far as coverage wise he seems to better in shorter zones and struggles in man coverage. I often wondered if the Jaguars would eventually move him to safety.

By 2013, he had moved into a starting role. The last two years, he's been stashed further down the depth chart. Why was he starting caliber in his second year but not thereafter? Anything related to the transition from Mel Tucker to Bob Babich at DC?

The defensive coordinator didn't really change much for Gratz. He started early in his career essentially because he had to. The Jaguars gutted the roster and rookies had to play. Since then he's been pushed aside by guys like Davon House, Prince Amukamara and Jalen Ramsey. It was just a case of the roster got better.

Gratz isn't coming in to be a top CB for the Rams. What could you offer to Rams fans to give them confidence that he can support the position depth chart from the back?

Gratz is fine as a spot player/backup and special teams guy. He can start for you for a few games but at this point his good depth and should be able to play both inside and out. The Jaguars are simply deep at the corner position and once Aaron Colvin came back from suspension he got pushed out of a talented bunch.

Thanks to Crow Magnon for the time.