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Transcript: Fisher Talks Process, Preparation

“The good thing about the way our schedule works, is when you get to Tuesday, everything’s behind you and you move forward.”

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(Opening Remarks)

“The good thing about the way our schedule works, is when you get to Tuesday, everything’s behind you and you move forward. We had a good day today. Got some guys healing up, got some guys on the walk-thru, so it’s encouraging. We had to spend some time this morning, with logistics with traveling and everything. But I think we’re in good shape right now. We like the plan, we got a good opponent – every week you’re playing a good opponent. But (Lions QB) Matt’s (Stafford) playing really well for them. They’re running the ball a little bit, so we got to get that fixed defensively. Then, like we said yesterday, it’s about scoring points. It will be a big challenge for us.”

(On why he thinks they’re struggling to get the ball in the end zone this season)

“It’s avoiding the third and longs inside the 20-yard-line – those are hard. The best way to do that is to stay balanced. You stay balance run, pass and make some big plays, take some shots – avoid the penalties.”

(On the injury CB Trumaine Johnson sustained during Sunday night’s game)

“Nothing. He’s probably not going to go this week. It’ll be week-to-week.”

(On WR Brian Quick getting back to form after the 2014 injury to his shoulder)

“Yeah, I would say he’s back. Yeah he really was. He was really productive for us. It was a near career-ending injury. It was a serious shoulder injury. He and the medical staff, training staff did a great job getting him back. It’s taken time, plus the offense has changed. But he’s comfortable now, he’s making his plays.”

(On what the plan will be if Trumaine Johnson doesn’t play on Sunday)

“(CB) Troy (Hill) steps up like he did in the game. I can sleep at night knowing that (CB) E.J. (Gaines) is back and playing good.”

(On what he’s seen in Troy Hill’s development)

“He understands what we’re doing and he can really run and he has got ball skills. Even though he’s a little slight, he’s a run-support guy. The good thing about both of them is that they can elevate at the ball. They might be 5-10, 5-11, but they can play taller because they can elevate and get the ball.”

(On the NFL transaction wire saying the team acquired Jaguars CB Dwayne Gratz today)

“Yes we did. We were really surprised, we were doing our homework with the potential with Trumaine’s injury and the lack of depth there, so we did our research. We kind of got wind that they were going to make a choice there – they did, they let Dwayne go, we submitted the claim and we were awarded the claim, he’ll be there in the morning.”

(On the particular reasons for choosing Gratz)

“Yeah, I liked him coming out of Connecticut. Great, great young man, really smart, a team guy. I think he was a little caught off guard by the release. Yeah, he’ll be here in the morning and we’re get him coached up as quick as we can to play special teams – he played predominately inside for them the last year and a half, but has the skills to play outside. We were really excited about being awarded the claim. He’s familiar with London, that’s the last place he played, so he’s going back. I didn’t have to ask him if he had a passport or not.”

(On if it’s an ever-evolving process to try to find ways to get WR Tavon Austin the ball)

“It is. You just have got to move him around, everybody knows where he’s at. You watch defenses against us and they’re pointing here and they’re pointing across the field to the corner to alert this, alert that. It’s ongoing. By design, there’s things that we stay with, there’s thing that we check to and there’s things that we check out of based on defenses.”

(On if Austin has lined up in the backfield before)

“Yes we did, he’s been a ball carrier for us over the past couple of years, and obviously very productive.”

(On if close margins in the game magnifies the importance of special teams)

“It does, there’s three equal phases. That’s the way we look at it. Special teams can be the difference-maker in a game. We overcame the penalty last week, and fortunately we had really good field position on the return. We’re dictating; we’re just hopeful. Two things, one on kickoff return, that we get some kicks that are returnable, (RB) Benny (Cunningham) should be back this week, and he can do that. Secondly, it’s another way to get the ball in Tavon’s hands. Buffalo’s plan was similar to most team’s plan, and that’s to put it out of bounds, or kick it high, and not allow them returner.”

(On his support system in regards to game planning and scouting)

“We have a whole process. Our process is on-going. We have an advance scout. The coaches do all the work. For example, on Thursday, the coaches will be working ahead on the Giants. There’s familiarity now with Detroit. We played them last year, and have great respect for what they’re doing. It’s the game plan process. The challenge, the task, rather is to get the game plan together, but get the players to become familiar with an uncommon opponent.”