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LA Rams Vs. Buffalo Bills: Report Card

After a disappointing loss, it’s time to grade the Rams’ Week 5 performance.

Los Angeles Rams Vs. Buffalo Bills
Los Angeles Rams Vs. Buffalo Bills
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images


D minus grade

The yards were A+ level for Fisherball. The two interceptions just aren’t acceptable, whether they get returned for touchdowns or not.

This offense can’t abide by turnovers that keep the Rams out of scoring opportunities, and yesterday showed why. The Rams managed a single touchdown. Six points in the second half.

If Case Keenum is starting over Jared Goff for his game management skills, two interceptions suggests those game managements skills aren’t all that skillful.

Ultimately, a performance like this is only going to motivate more fans to begin calling for Goff. That might be more motivation for Fisher to have Keenum avoid a repeat performance of Week 5 than anything else.


D plus grade



We ready to talk yet? Because we’re going to this week, so get ya mind right.


B plus grade

This wasn’t bad, right? Kenny Britt, Tavon Austin and Brian Quick combined for 15 receptions and 185 yards. It’s not showstopping, but that’s a solid WR output for Fisherball.

Put it another way - the WRs weren’t the reason the Rams lost yesterday.


D plus grade

Anyone want to tell me what we’re doing at tight end in 2016?


D grade

Anyone want to tell me what we’re doing on the line in 2016?


C plus grade

You can’t necessarily blame the line for the injury issues, but it was clear they missed Michael Brockers yesterday. They got some good pressure on Tyrod often yesterday, but LeSean McCoy’s first half set them up for an easy second half.


C minus grade

Did a fine job in pass defense, but the assignments and tackling in the run and on spying Taylor...


C plus grade

Did a great job on keeping the WRs absolutely blacked out of the game yesterday...except in the red zone. The Rams are supposed to run #bendbutdontbreak. They broke yesterday and didn’t bend. Bills wideouts totaled just five catches for 43 yards...and two touchdowns.

That’s not right.



There’s an argument that Johnny Hekker and Greg Zuerlein are the two top candidates for 2016 LA Rams MVP.

But the fake that something that factors into this grade? Should it?


D grade

The offensive gameplan was fine. The defensive gameplan was fine.

The offensive execution was not fine. The defensive execution was not fine.

The fourth quarter decision? Yall already know.