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Random Ramsdom 1/6: Applications Required

The Rams formal relocation application was made public.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Rams relocation plan "Best for NFL" - LATimes

Everything you want to know about new plan, Rams thoughts.

Donald, Gurley win team awards - ESPN

Really surprising...Rams' two best players.

Rams final power rankings - ESPN

Not exactly great. Next year is the year as always.

Rams want to interview DeFilippo - PFT

Fisher looking to kick the tires on Browns' OC.

The great, good, bad and ugly - STLToday

A look back at the Rams 2015 season.

Fisher undecided on offensive coordinator - ESPN

Will he finally let someone else run "their" offense?

How to fix Rams offense - 101Sports

Bernie details the great sadness that is Rams offense.

Gurley's absence signaled Fisher job security - 101Sports

Didn't make sense to play him either way.

Rams 2015 Season wrap-up - CBS

Wouldn't be surprised to see defense get early off-season focus.