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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: The Final Installment of the 2015 Season

Now that the season is over, how is Jeff Fisher viewed by Rams fans?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams dropped an overtime game to the Santa Clara San Jose San Francisco 49ers. The season is now over since we don’t know how to get to the playoffs, finishing at 7-9, but 4-2 in the NFC West, which matches the Arizona Cardinals. Black Monday is over; everyone seems to be staying put at the Rams facilities so far.

Since this is a final Jeff Fisher approval poll, make sure to consider everything throughout the season, while still putting a slight emphasis on the loss to the 49ers. The roster moves, the coaching personnel decisions, the play calling, the game management, etc.

It sure seems like Fisher and Co. are staying for at least another season, but as we mentioned last week, we’re not polling the front office, we’re asking the fan base about their opinion of Jeff Fisher.

Scale is the same as has been all year:

1 – Fire him, season is done

10 – Hope he got a huge New Years bonus!

Buckle-up for the long offseason. Will need to sign our own FAs, sign others, release several, and of course draft.