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St. Louis Rams Fall To San Francisco 49ers, 16-19, Offer Bleak Season Perspective

It's all over...for now.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

That, friends, is #Fisherball.

It's beating the Seattle Seahawks, perhaps the hottest team in the league, on their home field sandwiched between a five-game winning streak and a 36-6 demolition of the Cardinals in Arizona.

It's following that up with a plodding loss to a four-win 49ers team that propels them to fire their head coach.

Breathe it in. All of it.


No, but the Rams were already hit pretty hard here. And with some of the injuries we saw across the NFL yesterday, the Rams were perhaps fortunate to get to the offseason without adding anything to their long-term concerns.

Performance Issues

Oh, whatever.


NFC West Standings Post-Week 17



Well, I guess we can use this to look ahead.

We've got the schedule through the draft locked in. Some obvious key dates? The owners meeting next week to vote on Los Angeles relocation...yeah. The Super Bowl looms in early February, but draft season is already underway. Note the January 18 deadline for underclassmen to file for the NFL. Then you've got the combine in February. March 15 is NFL New Year's Day and with it the stupid hopes of free agency. And finally the draft in late April.

So that's the next four months for us.

Stay tuned.