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St. Louis Rams' 2016 Goals Already In Sight

The 2015 season is over. Time to look ahead and set some goalposts for 2016...

Another 7-9 season!
Another 7-9 season!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams lost what many considered an extremely winnable game on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. The Rams will finish another season 7-9, but luckily for the Rams it sounds like Jeff Fisher will be returning for another run at a non-losing season.

The season is officially over for the Rams, which means that now is a perfect time to check out what the Rams really need to do next season.

Find a starting QB

The Rams started the season with Nick Foles and ended it with Case Keenum. If we are being honest, no one wants either of these two starting next season, but the Rams might be forced to. It will be interesting to see whether the Rams decide to cut Foles, who they extended without watching him play or if they will give him another chance because of the money that they gave Foles. Keenum has looked solid as a starter for the Rams after sustaining a concussion against the Baltimore Ravens, but it would be better if he was just the number two quarterback.

The Rams did not play Sean Mannion, which makes sense because when they drafted him the team mentioned that they liked him based on his 2013 tape and not his 2014 season. Granted, next season he will more than likely become the backup quarterback instead of third string.

With all of this being said, the Rams need a QB that is going to help them get over the hump. If the Rams have their starting QB on their roster than good, if not then the Rams will have to take a chance and either draft a QB in the first round or find a veteran.

Find a receiver

The Rams do not have a starting caliber receiver on their roster. That is the harsh truth. The only player that you can make a case for is Tavon Austin and while he has been in the endzone 10 times this season, he is basically an reincarnated Darren Sproles in his prime.

The Rams need wide receivers. This team could use at least two new receivers and it would not be a surprise if the Rams decided to add new blood at this position through the draft. The Rams could use any player that can catch the ball.

Make the playoffs

If you are not tired of the Rams not making the playoffs then you have not been a fan long. This team has been snakebitten for the last decade and for the fourth season under Jeff Fisher the Rams will finish the season with a losing record.

Head coach Jeff Fisher has not spent much time building up the offensive side of the ball and when he has the results have not been there. Can you name four players that could start on other NFL teams? The Rams offense is a mess and if the Rams are going to go to the playoffs they need the offense to play better.

Bring back Trumaine Johnson or Janoris Jenkins

Sometimes an NFL team will have to make a choice and for the first time in a long time the Rams have a difficult decision on their hands. Can the Rams keep Johnson and Jenkins? Yes, but it is not very likely based on how much the Rams will have to pay both corners.

If the Rams are going to have a good defense than they will have to bring back one of these two corners. Remember, just because the Rams need to bring one of these two players back, it does not mean that they will. So bringing one of these two should be a high resolution for the Rams.

Actually have a top five defense

The Rams have concentrated on making their defense not only good, but also have incredible depth. The thing is that while the Rams have a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball, they have not gotten over the hump and become elite yet. For a team that is feared and is known for their defense, they still have to get over the hump.

Currently the Rams have lost a handful of starters to injury so next season it is not a surprise to expect them to reach that elite level. Of course the Rams will have to add some new talent because of players leaving, but it is possible for the Rams to play even better than they have so far under Fishers' tenure.