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2016 Pro Bowl Live Thread

Hooray! The Pro Bowl!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oh boy, oh boy. It's the Pro Bowl, everybody! The glitz and glamour of minimal contact football with the up-close access of moving the game to Hawaii combined with general disinterest across the entire player population!

Yes, the Pro Bowl is perhaps the stupidest spectacle in all of American sports, but it is here and millions of people watch it, so let us bask in its stupid, stupid glow.

I covered the draft results here and all the game info is available here if you are so inclined. The latter link includes the long list of players who were selected but are not participating either because of injury or, uh, personal decision. It's the longest such list in Pro Bowl history which tells you (a) how unimportant this is to the players and (b) where this game is headed as a showcase for the league. You do have to wonder at what point (and there will come a point) Roger Goodell steps in to take some measures to modify the game. When hockey fans are endorsing suspensions of players who decline their invite and using the NFL as a foil to expose the stupidity, you know this exercise can't survive unchanged for long.

Anywho, it's the Pro Bowl. Let us bowl. And shout out to Rams RB Just Todd Gurley, DT Aaron Donald and P Johnny Hekker for their selections and the symbolic acknowledgement of their superior efforts this season.