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St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers: Season Finale Staff Predictions

The St. Louis Rams will end their season today, as they head out west to take on the San Francisco 49ers. Can they finish the season with a .500 record for the first time in nine years?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, this is it.  After today, it’s going to be a while before you see the St. Louis Rams take the field again.  And how this game - against the San Francisco 49ers - pans out, will set the tone for much of the discussion this offseason.

Can the Rams finish out the year with a four-game winning streak...something they haven’t done since 2003?

Can the Rams win on the road today, despite their roster being riddled with injuries, to include their best offensive weapon?

Can the Rams win today, finishing their season with a .500 record...for the first time since 2006?

Can they?  The Turf Show Times' staff have their predictions...

Sean Wilkinson [@Papa_Lurch]

This team is about as unpredictable as I've ever seen, but I don't see them losing to the 49ers. San Fran allows 125+ rushing yards per game and have allowed a league high 19 TDs on the ground.

But that won't matter much if Gurley doesn't play. I still think the Rams will win, but without Gurley its going to be much closer than many expect. Tavon will have to carry the offense while AD99 terrorizes Gabbert.

Prediction:  Rams win 19-10


Final game of the year, and a win locks up a .500 season. Improvement? I mean...

Anyways, 49ers are no good. Facing Gabbert with the Rams' defense is a dream match-up. The Rams will put up 20 or more points in this game, and the 49ers will be stuck to low teens. Interestingly enough, the Rams will finish 8-0 in games where they score 20 or more and 0-8 in other games, finishing perfectly average. A great defense paired with a horrible offense leads this team to the exact middle of the road.

Prediction: Rams win 24-13

Eddie P [@iAmEddieP_]

The Rams always play the hardest against the NFC West, last week's victory in Seattle is evidence. The 49ers are abysmal. Gabbert is a worse QB can Kaepernick.

This game will be dominated by the Rams defense.

Prediction:  Rams win 17-6

northwestRAMSfan [@troilus22]

The 49ers certainly present an opportunity for the Rams to get to .500 for the first time in WAY too long. Todd Gurley already has 10 rushing touchdowns on the season, and while the 49ers defense has a respectable 4.0 yards per carry avg (11th best in NFL) they have surrendered a whopping 19 rushing TDs (tied for last in NFL). Overall they surrender over 125 rushing yards per game on the ground (28th) and 263 passing yards (25th) for a ridiculous 389 yards per game total (T-28th).

On the other side the 49ers narrowly edge the Rams in terms of offensive production with 293.5 ypg total offense vs the pathetic 293.3 ypg for the Rams. Somehow the Rams are averaging 3 whole points per game more than the 49ers, at a sizzling 17.6 ppg pace. More than anything, the Rams have an opportunity to go 5-1 within the division and as Jeff Fisher's Rams teams have proven year in and year out, they play good football within the division.

Prediction:  Rams win 31-17

Sergey606 [@thatsergey]

This game is all for bragging rights and draft position, nothing else. Historic rivalry game that no one except the fan bases will be watching.

I think Tre Mason will actually put up decent numbers, maybe not at first, but toward the second half the defense will start leaving more and more holes open for the RB. Rest of the Rams offense will do just enough to stay with the 49ers. The defense shouldn't be over-matched, even though they didn't face Gabbert in the previous meeting.

Both of these teams have played as consistently as a meteorologist accurately predicts a week long forecast - not very. I don't think it'll be a blow out for the Rams, if anything they squeak out a relatively low-scoring win...

Prediction:  Rams win 23-19

3k [@3k_]

Prediction: Niners win 20-17

Brandon Bate [@NoPlanB_]

19 points appears to be the magic number for the Rams this season, so I guess this one comes down to whether or not I think the Rams can score 19 points on the road, without their best offensive player.

Hmm...I’m taking the Rams, because I think the defense might be able to score at least once on Sunday.  You know, because of Blaine Gabbert and all.  Hooray 8-8!

Prediction:  Rams win 20-13