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2016 NFL Draft: Rams Rumored To Be Interested In Trading For #1 Overall Pick

Buzz indeed.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The biggest buzz to come out of Mobile, Alabama, during Senior Bowl week is that the Tennessee Titans are absolutely shopping the No. 1 pick in the draft. The teams most likely to be interested? According to general managers I've spoken with from competing teams, the Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams (with two second-round picks).

That's Matt Miller from Bleacher Report in his Senior Bowl scouting notebook today.

No, Miller doesn't exactly have a track record in breaking scoops. Yes, he does have the access to make it at least a credible rumor to report.

No, it doesn't mean much.

It's January. The Rams and Browns are two less than dominant franchises who have shown a proclivity for early draft trades in the past and, for the Rams obviously, have extra draft capital to move.

Also, the Titans have the #1 overall pick and Marcus Mariota. Of course they're open to trading the pick.

Anyway, Rams mention in the same sentence as #1 overall pick. Have a blast, internet.