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Random Ramsdom 29 JAN: All-Star Games take Center Stage

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

20 for '20 | Bleacher Report

Who will the best DBs be in 2020? You'd think that one of the Rams young DBs would make it....right?

Snead: Open QB Competition in 2016 | Pro Football Talk

I like the guy, but I'm not believing a word out of his mouth.....

Rams D Not Elite | Fansided

They have elite talent, but not the production to match

Chargers Reportedly Acquire Land for LA Practice Facility | Bleacher Report

This is putting the carriage before the horse, no? That being said, the Coliseum is prepping for 2 teams.

Snead: Team Ready to Play in Coliseum | LA TImes

Do they have another choice?

Last 2 Drafts have Rams OL in a Position to Succeed | OC Register

They have some pieces, but I think calling this group successful already is a bit premature.

Biggest Cap Questions in NFL | Bleacher Report

Chris Long checks in as an honorable mention. No mention of Jared Cook....

Donald, Gurley to Oppose Each Other | ESPN

I wanna see these two in a game of hamburger.

Harkey Hoping to Stick | ESPN

Cut Cook, start Kendricks, let Harkey be his backup. DONE

Donald was NFLs Best Player in 2015 | Pro Football Focus

Best Ram? We knew that. 
Best DL? You better believe it
Best Player? PFF says so!

NFL Announces 'Golden Team' | ESPN

22 Hall of Famers. Wow.

Chris Long Sushi Rant | FOX Sports

Well Played.

Rams Scouts "Kids in a Candy Store" | LA Times

The Rams posse at the Senior Bowl are busy, busy, busy.

Will Alex Mack Opt Out? |

He's look damn good on the Rams OL.

Donald: Work to do Before Watt Comparisons |

If only more players had this mans work ethic

Hunting for the Next Great DL | SB Nation NFL

Paging Jeff Fisher.......

Braxton Miller Impressing as a WR | SI

Could he be a late-round steal for the Rams?