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Worst St. Louis Rams Draft Picks: The Eric Crouch Debacle

You wanna talk about a failure....

Mark Lyons/Getty Images

Eric Crouch was king of the NCAA Mountain in 2001. He led the Nebraska Cornhuskers to the BCS National Championship game, won the Heisman Trophy, and was named the best collegiate QB for the 2001 season. He was a dual threat QB who nearly rushed for as many yards (1,115) as he passed for (1510). Following his record-setting season, the Rams drafted him in the third a WR.

Mike Martz's logic isn't hard to follow. Here you had an individual with obvious talent with the ball in his hands, but neither the stature nor the talent to be a productive QB. So the mad scientist decided that Crouch could be brought aboard and eased into action behind Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, and Ricky Proehl. It had the makings of a great situation for Crouch - except for the fact that he had no interest in becoming a WR.

After a myriad of injuries leading up to the Rams 2002 season opener, Crouch decided that the NFL life wasn't for him and walked away - returning his signing bonus in the process. He has since bounced around the NFL, NFL Europe, CFL, and any other organization that would put a uniform on his back.

As he matured, he realized the opportunity he squandered in St. Louis under Martz and said he could have been an All-Pro WR in the NFL if he applied himself. But all he did during his short time with the Rams was embarass himself and the organization.