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Worst St. Louis Rams Draft Picks: Alex Barron Grabs a Hold of #9

I may be jumping the gun on this one, but he's certainly worthy of being on the list.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Alex Barron was perhaps the most frustrating player to watch during his tenure with the Rams. After being drafted 19th overall by the Rams in the 2005 NFL Draft, he was levied with the job of mentoring under Orlando Pace. Barron had the athleticism necessary to be an effective tackle in the NFL, but neither the smarts nor the technique to make convert that athleticism into anything.

Barron's primary issue was penalties. he was flagged for 75 penalties in five years costing the Rams 397 yards - the most in the NFL during his tenure with the Rams. Memories of him holding still causes me nightmares.

Notable players drafted after Barron? You have to start with Aaron Rodgers - though the Rams had Marc Bulger playing at a relatively high level at the time. Other drafted after him include Logan Mankins, Michael Roos, Vincent Jackson, Justin Tuck, and Evan Mathis.

That's 3 Pro Bowl OL that the Rams passed on in the name of athleticism. Anyone else noticing a trend?