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Random Ramsdom 1/21: Los Angeles Rams News, Doubling Their Value, and Getting Sued

The Rams are being sued again...but not by Reggie Bush this time.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Year End Rankings for All 32 Offensive Lines |  Pro Football Focus

It starts up front. That’s the mantra we hear each and every year, insisting that a team’s fortunes on offense start with the success of their offensive line. Only, for some teams, it doesn’t so much as start up front, as it does finish.

A Fond Farewell to Gurley, Rookie of the Year | 101 Sports

Rookie running back Todd Gurley was another radiant light in a dark and depressing final NFL season in St. Louis.

2015 All-Rookie Team |

The 2015 rookie class might not have featured an overwhelming talent surge at any one position, à la the collection of rookie receivers who dominated 2014, but plenty of standout players entered the NFL this season.

Five Players Rams Must Move On From in 2016 |  Fox Sports

It's time for the Rams to overhaul the product on the field and address changes to the roster. Here are five players the Rams need to move on from in 2016.

The Good News: Rams’ Offense Has Room For Improvement | LA Times

The Rams have time to make roster moves before they begin play at the Coliseum, their expected home for the next three seasons before moving into a new Inglewood stadium in 2019.

Rams Value Doubles After Move to L.A. |  CBS Sports

Rams owner Stan Kroenke will never come out and say it, but a big reason he moved his team to Los Angeles is because there's almost no ceiling to the amount of profits Kroenke will be able to make there.

The Six Hours That Will Shape The NFL’s Second Century |  MMQB

The owners’ decision to approve the Rams’ move to Los Angeles changed the current course of NFL history. Here’s the inside story of how and why the vote swung in favor of Stan Kroenke.

Long Looking to Bounce Back; Uncertain of Future |  ESPN

The Rams played their final game as the St. Louis edition of the team on Jan. 3, but it's also possible that defensive end Chris Long, a St. Louis staple, has played his last game as a Ram.

Pros and Cons of The Rams Sharing L.A. Stadium |  ESPN

Kroenke, who is now public enemy No. 1 in St. Louis, even heard chants expressing love to him for returning the team to the city. But there were a couple of moments that left the Rams fans in attendance not so happy. Namely, any time Kroenke or Demoff mentioned the possibility of the San Diego Chargers or Oakland Raiders joining the Rams in L.A.

The Chargers Should Stay Right Where They Are | LA Times

The Rams haven't even been here a week, and already they are risking a penalty for too many men on the field.

Personal Seat License [PSL] Holders Sue Rams |  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Some holders of Rams personal seat licenses are suing the team’s owners alleging that the licenses should remain valid even though the team is leaving for Los Angeles.

2016 NFL Unrestricted Free Agents by Team |

At this point, you probably know the players you want OFF the team.  But are you aware of all the NFL free agency pool?  Who’s a best fit for the Rams in 2016?

Bills Hire First Full-Time Female Coach |

The Buffalo Bills have become the second team to be on the right side of gender progress in the NFL.

London Team on Track for 2022...Though NFL Disputes It |  CBS Sports

There's a possibility that the NFL's International Series could become slightly more permanent in 2022.

Bradford’s Agent Sought $25m Per Year In Talks With Eagles |  CBS Sports

Quarterbacks have all the leverage in the NFL when it comes to contract negotiations. But Sam Bradford's reported demands from the Eagles were a bit out of whack with the current market.

Torry Holt Talks Rams Move To L.A. And More | Rich Eisen Show