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Top 10 Worst St. Louis Rams Draft Picks: The Honorable Mentions

The TST Staffers had no problems finding 10 busts to fill this list out. The list got lengthy in a hurry, but let's start with the players who weren't quite bad enough to make the cut.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

You don't average 3 wins over 5 season without a bevy of draft busts. The short list that the TST staff put together wasn't so short... but the list was eventually whittled down to a top 10. Here's the best of the worst who weren't quite bad enough to be listed.

Trung Candidate (2000, 1st Round - 31st Overall)

One of the many running backs brought in to back up / mentor behind Marshall Faulk, Candidate failed to do much of anything with the Rams. He lasted 3 seasons with the team and rushed for a whopping 495 yards and 6 TDs. That's pretty bad, but not bad enough to crack the top 10 - which should tell you a little about the abysmal nature of the Rams draft history during their time in St. Louis.

Robert Thomas (2002, 1st Round - 31st Overall)

Another late 1st round selection, another swing and a miss for the Rams. Thomas started 30 games for the Rams in 3 seasons with the team - accumulating 136 tackles and two sacks. Not quite what you expect when you use a pick in that range on a LB.

Donnie Avery (2008, 2nd Round - 33rd Overall)

This isn't so much a notion that Avery is a bad NFL player. While he had 674 yards his rookie year and 589 in his second campaign (wouldn't we love that now!) to go with 9 total TDs, he only lasted two seasons in horns. The real beef with this pick comes from the 2008 draft.

Avery was the first WR off the board at 33 overall. He was taken 3 picks before Jordy Nelson, with DeSean Jackson coming off the board at 49 overall. Devaney and Spags had Avery as the top rated WR in a draft that produced multiple Pro-Bowl receivers. Fail.

Brian Leonard (2007, 2nd Round - 52nd Overall)

Another RB, another bust. Leonard was brought in to bulldoze holes for Steven Jackson, but couldn't stick with the franchise. Think about it for a second....the Rams used a 2nd round pick on a FB - that only lasted two seasons with the team.

Notable players taken after Leonard? Ryan Khalil, Jacoby Jones, and Marshal Yanda. All Pro-Bowlers, two along the OL.

Mardy Gilyard (2010, 4th Round - 99th Overall)

Looking at Gilyard's draft profile, it reads something like a less hyped version of Tavon Austin. There was a lot of excitement about his athleticism and flashy play, but in the end he only totaled 63 yards as a rookie. He didn't make the team in 2011.

Rokevious Watkins (2012, 5th Round - 150th Overall)

Watkins was a part of the inagural draft of the Fisher / Snead regime. He was touted was a potential late round steal capable of filling a spot on the Rams OL. As with Gilyard, he quickly fell out of favor with the regime and was cut prior to his second season.

What makes this a bitter pill to swallow is that this selection was the compensation given to the Rams as a part of a trade with the Bears. The Bears selected Alshon Jeffery while the Rams picked up Rok and iPead. #SadFace

Barrett Jones (2013, 4th Round - 113th Overall)

You'd be hard pressed to find a collegiate lineman with more accolades than Jones. He had positional versatility and was the best lineman in the country for most of his time at 'Bama. Unfortunately, his career path was a downward spiral from there. He battled injuries and strength issues throughout his time with the Rams before being cut this past season.

Greg Robinson (2014, 1st Round - 2nd Overall)

This entry comes with an asterisk as G-Rob is still with the team and can shake the 'bust' whispers currently dogging him to LA. He's here because the Rams had the opportunity to make a franchise altering decision and look to have missed the opportunity - kind of. Robinson has certainly altered the path of the Rams the past two seasons, but not in the most positive of ways. When you consider that he was selected before Blake Bortles, Sammy Watkins, Khalil Mack, and Mike Evans it makes it tough to understand.

Then you realize he was taken before offensive tackles Jake Matthews and Taylor Lewan... and you start beating your head against a wall.

Claude Wroten (2006, 3rd Round - 68th Overall)

This was a typical 'he has talent but is troubled' pick. Substance abuse issues cause him to slide in the draft and the Rams stopped his free-fall in the 3rd round. They saw next to nothing for his services as Wroten lasted 2 seasons before he was out of St. Louis - and the NFL.